KitchenAid KCDS100T Review

First Impressions
The KitchenAid KCDS100T is neat disposal. It’s a mostly silver and red unit that is wide at the top, and narrows down at the bottom. This gives it that ‘modern’ look.


Powerful Motor
If you are the type of person that needs power in a disposal, this unit definitely has it. It comes with a whopping 1 horsepower rated motor.

Less Clogging
Sick of slow disposals clogging? Well the KCDS100T will spin at an impressive 1725 RPM. That allow food to be pulverized to the point were clogging is less likely to happen.

Less Jamming
Some people can’t help themselves. They throw everything down the disposal, only to jam the thing. Well, this disposal is a continuous feed unit, so you can do nonstop operations without jamming it.

More Quiet Operation
Most standard, cheap-built disposals are really noisy. Well, not the KCDS100T. It has sound buffering material called SoundSeal Plus Technology to help to put a damper on those annoying noises.

Darn Good Warranty
You get an amazing SEVEN YEAR warranty for the KCDS100T. Yep, now if this unit breaks down, you are covered.

The height is 12 3/4 inches and the width is 8 1/2 inches, so you’ll enough space to install under the sink.

The MSRP is around $400, but you can get it at a reduced price by visiting here.